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Product Description

FC Designer Roofs:
Ferrocement Roofs are engineering and design marvels as they provide an opportunity to construct seamless and free flowing monolithic structures. Due to monolithic design, the roofs are leak proof. A structural steel component within ensures toughness, high tensile strength and superb integrity. Ferrocement roofs are free-form structural material and as such, can be shaped into complex double curved surfaces, large open spans, single hemispheres, elliptical or groups of domes on different levels. Ferrocement construction eliminates/minimises use of formwork resulting in reduced construction costs. It also reduces maintenance cost as damages (if any) are localized and easily repairable.

Free- form structures - can be constructed in any design imagined!!
Domes, Arch, Hemi-sphere, Spherical shapes possible.
100% Leak proof -Monolithic structure.
High structural strength.
Eco-friendly design blends with the surrounding.
Light weight permanent structure
Very superior finishing – unimaginable with traditional RCC slab.

FC Septic Tank:

Ferrocement Septic Tanks are unique structure which can be constructed according to tailor made specifications. Unlike traditional Brick Septic Tanks which can be constructed of a basic standard size, FC septic tank can be constructed according to usability. A typical nuclear family of 5 people does not need a traditional tank which caters to 40 people. As such tailor made septic tanks based on usage pattern offers users a choice to go for a smaller tank at a lower cost. Moreover, FC septic tanks can be designed according to the space available at site in different shapes and sizes. A typical FC septic tank is available in varying sizes based on no. of users. For e.g. 7users, 10 users, 15 users, 20 users to 200 users.


Durability: As Ferrocement is immune to the effects of usual gases and chemicals of a Septic tank, these are very durable.
Excellent Performance: Because of very smooth surface, performance is very good.
Very hygienic: As completely impervious and damp proof, there is no chance of leakage as is case of conventional septic tanks. Hence very hygienic.
Rectangular cross section ensures better efficiency than circular shape, as no chance of short-circuiting
Portable: Because of light weight, can be shifted from place to place conveniently.
Absolutely no maintenance Since supplied in ready to use form, can be erected and commissioned in hours; whereas conventional septic tanks take around a week to complete.

Key Areas Precast Ferrocement RCC Brick Asbestos Hume Pipe
Completely Waterproof/very Hygienic Yes      
Strong enough to resist the handling, impact and bending Yes Yes    
Requires less space Yes   Yes  
Can be erected and commisioned in less time Yes   Yes Yes
As per IS specification Yes Yes Yes Yes
One piece monolithic structure. No Joints, No leakage Yes      
Portable- may be shifted if needed Yes      
No chance of short-circuiting Yes Yes Yes  
Excellent Quality control- as factory product Yes   Yes Yes
Can be constructed in any size as per client specification and space availability Yes Yes  

FC Water Tank:

Ferrocement water tanks are available in both circular and rectangular forms.


Immense structural strength
Monolithic body- hence no joints anywhere
100% waterproof
No seepage, No sweating , No Dampness
Permanent structure- keeps gaining life in presence of water
Maintenance free
Cool in summer and Warm in winter
Light weight- hence portable
Perfectly hygienic
Aesthetic look for elegant shape

Key Areas Ferrocement Plastic
Waterproof Completely waterproof. No Leakage, seepage or sweating Completely waterproof. No Leakage, seepage or sweating
Maintenance No maintenance No maintenance
Life More than 50 years Permanent life similar to RCC structure. Keeps gaining strength in contact with water Due to weather effect, Plastic gets hardened and cracks after some time. Producers don't give any guarantee of life
Repairability Easily repairable Can only be repaired with sophisticated PVC welding machines at very high cost.
Base/ Foundation Can be installed over Beams/Joints Plain surface is required otherwise bottom cracks
Hygiene Very Hygienic May prove toxic if recycled plastic is used. Use of virgin or recycled plastic cannot be easily detected
Odour No Odour. Immune to atmospheric or weather effects. Water gives odour during summer.
Shape Can be constructed in tailor made shape and size Factory made standard size and shape