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Ferrocement Solution

Ferro Build is a medium for providing outstanding building solutions to clients under a single roof.

Civil Engineering Works

We are specialise as chief civil engineers, construction engineers, structural engineers, or water supply distribution engineers.


The Architecture includes planning, designing and overseeing the building's construction, as a profession providing architectural services.

About Ferrocement Technology.

Ferrocement is a composite material comprising rich cement which is highly reinforced with continuous and small diameter steel rods and wires. It may be defined as a sophistically designed well proportioned cement based compound in which optimum quantity of suitably sized steel sections are evenly dispersed for achieving remarkable homogeneity, ideal monolithic properties, excellent strength and absolute impermeability.

Ferrocement Fins

Ferrocement Shikhar


Shikhar & Domes


Community Toilet


Ferrocement construction is a high precision work. As the structure is normally around 25mm thick, there lies no scope for error in workmanship.

Ferrocement construction eliminates/minimises use of formwork resulting in reduced construction costs. It also reduces maintenance cost as damages (if any) are localised and easily repairable.

The construction process can be divided into 4 distinct phases:

Ferro Cement Advantage :

Immense Structural Strength ,Light Weight ,Completely waterproof ,Endearing Insulation ,Long durability ,Joint less structure , Excellent fire and explosion resistance, Zero maintenance, Easy reparability, Mould ability to any shape, Good vibration and sound absorbance, Easily painted for decoration, Environment friendly construction.

Ferro Cement Utility

Ferrocement applications are free-form and can be limited only by one's imagination. It provides easy mould ability and can take any form. It can be used for manufacturing precast building components that can be easily transported.Other specialized applications include silos, bins, boats, biogas holders, milk kiosks etc.

Ferro Cement Feature

Ferrocement is a low weight building system with high structural strength. It has lower maintenance costs over its lifetime and is more durable than its traditional counterparts. However, skill of the designer as well as the applicator is of paramount importance, as this is a high precision building system with zero margin of error.

Designing the structure.

The basic steel structure has to be properly designed. Precision of design may make or mar the final outcome.

Fixing the steel frame.

The correct quantity of steel has to be arrived at based on the use of the structure. Steel structure has to be properly fixed and then wrapped with adequate layers of chicken wire.

Mortar application.

Cement - Sand mortar of correct ratio has to be applied on both sides of the structure. This is a very meticulous job. The application has to be good enough so that the finishing is smooth.


Recommended Curing is for 7 days.

Experts Review

  • Mr. Upadhyay

    (Company Director)

    A quick, economical, Do-It-Yourself (DIY)technique that can be used to make everything; from a simple flowerpot to a complete house.

Rural Development ( Ferrocement technology for Rural development )

Ferrocement technology was initially developed as a low cost intermediate technology for developing economies. Ferrocement technology in its most rudimentary construction practice allows construction of low cost Habitat, Water tanks, Septic tanks, Community sheds, Livestock Shelter etc. Ferrocement technology allows construction of earth quake resistant structures which are easy to erect and light weight. Ferrocement technological applications are ideal for rural applications to construct low cost permanent structures. Being labor intensive, this will also create jobs for the community..

Ferro-Cement Roofs

Ferrocement roofs can be made in situ or with precast components, the former being useful for free forms.

Ferro-Cement Septic Tank

These design graphics illustrate a ferrocement septic tank which was built in 1975. It has been used continuously and remains in perfect condition.

Ferro-Cement Water Tank

Ferrocement water tanks. Ferrocement consists of a cement-rich mortar reinforced with layers of wire mesh, sometimes with additional plain wire.

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