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About us

About Us

Ferro Build is founded by Mr. Banshidhar Upadhyay, Innovator and Techno-preneur with extensive experience in the construction industry; and superlative experience in Ferro cement construction techniques and applications. Mr. Upadhyay was trained in the art of Ship Building at Windboats Marine Ltd in Norwich, England.

He later shifted to India in 1975 and started applying his knowledge in multiple applications. Mr. Upadhyay has done extensive Research and Development in this area and is reputed as an expert in this field..

Designed and constructed the following key Ferro Cement(FC) structure since 1975 :-

  • » FC Hold Loading Barge with 100 Ton capacity and 24 m long.
  • »  FC Double Decker barge for terminal facilities and 27 m long.
  • » FC Passenger Boat for 120 people and 21 m long.
  • » FC Pumping barge (Multiple no) 15 m long.

All of the above are engineering marvels and are still floating in the Brahmaputra river in Assam, North East India. Mr. Upadhyay has also been instrumental in designing multiple applications of Ferro cement technology in modern building construction. Key among them are FC designer roofs (dome, sphere, hemisphere, elliptical shapes!!), FC Septic tank, FC Water tank, FC Slabs, FC designer staircase etc.


To become a world class organization providing outstanding applications of Ferrocement technology and top quality engineering services in the Construction domain.


Create value for the society at large by our product and services.